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Ecommerce Features

The eBanyan e-commerce application includes features such as Dynamic Pricing, Local Search, Automated Shipping and Handling, Online Catalog with Product Grouping, Order Tracking, E-Mail Campaign, Project Manager, Online Payment Processing, Search Engine Optimization, Shopping Cart, Secure Access, Import/ Export, Customizable Forms and much more.

  • Quick deployment with low or no maintenance
  • Improve individual and group productivity and performance.
  • Helps prevent out-of-stock and overstock situations.
  • Access information 24/7 from anywhere, anytime
  • Single, secure sign-in
  • Supports unlimited users and sites per server
  • Ease of deployment
  • Increased system stability with windows 2003 and SQL 2005
  • Quick access to technical support team
  • Employee training & support

» Merchandizing and Promotions

The application is flexible enough to response to ever changing market opportunities. Introduce new products into the market; get immediate customer reaction, then refine the marketing and sales cycle.

Catalog Builder
Each company carry different products and they probably sell them in their own ways. That is why our catalog builder is flexible enough to accommodate almost any cataloging need. Included are product classification, weight, warranty or shipping information. You can also assign one product to multiple categories.

Banner Ads
Design a new banner ad to highlight a promotion or new product.

Unlimited Products
Reliable Microsoft SQL 2005 database allows for unlimited product offering

Multiple Product Criteria
In addition to standard product features such as description, price, inventory, you can add unlimited product criteria such has color, style, finish or any other criteria of our choice

IT Catalog (optional)
Offer over 90,000 IT hardware and software products (requires distributor agreement)

Customer Specific Prices
Set prices for one-time or repeat customers. Offer discount based on volume purchase

Multi-level Product Grouping and Categorization
Create catalog by product group, category and sub-category in a drill-down search

Keyword, Item Number or Category Search
Products or pages can be search by keyword or part or item number Also search by product groups, category or sub-category

Product Life Cycle
Define product status such as new, refurbished, discontinued

Promotional Items Show-case
Promotions can be weighted to ensure important items are shown more frequently. A two-step wizard walks you through creating promotions or specials. Increase visibility of high margin, or stale items.

Related and Cross Product Selling
Promote additional items belonging to same category. It helps customers find related
products that they might not even have realized they need. Link products to each other through relevant grouping and up sell your to your visitors.

Real-time Inventory Tracking
Automated inventory decrement to match available items in the inventory

Offer discount through coupons related to each item or product

Gift Certificate
Allows for customer or merchant to credit gift certificate towards purchase of another customer purchase

Product Comparison
Compare up to three items for price, description comparison before buying

» Setup and Customization

Programming-free Setup and Maintenance
Install application through CD (self-hosted) or subscribe. Create custom pages, add/ delete products or switch main page wrappers.

Bulk Products Upload
Use Microsoft Excel sheet to upload thousands of products, including images in minutes. Do regular bulk updating of price and inventory.

Multiple QuickStart Wrapper or Templates
Application comes with choice of multiple wrappers. Add existing wrapper to the application (optional) 

Custom Pages
Create, edit, delete, hide or show web pages. Add images, banners, and links Link pages to organize articles.

Customize Look and Feel
Change pages colors, add banners, logos, Flash movies

Easily Up-gradable
Upgrade to new version by yourself or we will do it for you remotely

Product Configuration Wizard
Build bundle through product configuration wizard

Customizable Forms
Create own forms for surveys, registration, quotation

Data Import/ Export
Import or export items, customers

Bar Code Support
Bar code support for easy shipping and receiving or product catalog handling

» Online Payment Processing

The secured online payment services simplifies e-commerce experience by providing payment connectivity over the Internet between online customers and merchants, and financial entities that move money between them.
  • Unlimited number of transactions from nearly anywhere in the world
  • Support for almost any business model
  • Merchant Interface
  • Virtual Terminal
  • Manual transactions from web browser
  • Unrestricted number of users with one account

Integrated payment service providers
  • Intellipay
  • Verisign
  • Paymenttech
  • Bank of America
  • Paypal Pro Direct
  • Skipjack
  • Linkpoint

» Online Marketing

Having just a website is not online marketing. Re-market products and services to existing or opt-in clients through built-in “Communicator”. The system enables eNewsLetters to all or a selected group of prospects.

Search Engine Optimizatiion
The application is search engine optimized and ready for major search engine and directory submission.

Affiliate Marketing Tracking
Offer products and services through affiliate utility.

Portal Integration (Optional)
We offer integration with major portals

» Customer Relation Management

It is important that your visitors provide enough information to allow you to follow up with inquiries leading to long-term customer relationship. Track orders and customers through user-friendly order management utility. Track shipment, order status, payment options. Application sends automated e-mail after order is placed

Customer Tracking and Profiling
Includes search engine, keyword, item and page tracking. Unique visitors tracking with
most searched pages. Keyword, part number, and most popular product category search and tracking.

Customer Contact Manager
Communicate with customers using customer e-mail groups.

Automated e-mail Notification
Co-ordinate activities across entire sales and marketing teams through Project and Task Manager

Tax-exempt Customers
Sales tax handling for out of state customers or resellers with reseller certificates.

Customer Inquiry
Form to receive customer inquiry and feedback.

Invoice and Quote Creation
Sales team take phone orders or generate quotes for their clients.

Sales and Marketing Cycle
Co-ordinate activities across entire sales and marketing teams through Project and Task Manager.

Secure Order Capturing
Option to hide or delete credit card numbers. Secure back-end access with SSL support.

Automated Sales Tax Calculation
Calculates state sales tax on all purchases.

» Business Management and Integration Tools

Manage your IT resources efficiently so that you spend less time on your technology and more time on your business. Collaborate effectively with fellow employees and customers.

Phone, Fax, and Mail Order Capturing
Sales team can take phone, fax or e-mail orders and key-in to online system

Online Project and Task Manager with calendar
Use Project and Task Manager to record and track activities of sales/ marketing, technical, finance, and HR departments. Record nature of meeting, its location, date, time, duration. Assign priorities and mark activities as completed or recurring.

Contact Manager
Create customer, employee, vendor contacts and assign groups. Do keyword search or search by name, city, or e-mail.

» Shipping Features

  • Flexible shipping and handling options
  • Offer UPS or FedEx shipping with real-time rates calculation during order processing. User-defined - cost-based shipping calculator is also available.
  • Drop-ship directly from supplier Send orders through supplier and have them ship it directly your clients
  • Flat or free shipping
  • Offer fix or free shipping on ground shipment to win more orders

» Non-profit Features

Member Sign-in and Login
Signed-in members have access to member services area

Member Directory and Networking
Only opt-in members have access to other member information.

Automated e-mail Notification
Co-ordinate activities across entire sales and marketing teams through Project and Task Manager

Event Calendar
Organization or members easily post events or activities. The events can be automatically posted or can be set up to require admin approval before any posting.

Online Event or Class Booking and Reservation
Members register for classes or events with limited seating. Real-time space availability reporting help manage booking process better.

Donation Collection and Receipts
Organizations collect and manage online donations. Donors get automated e-mail and receipt.

Volunteer Management
This feature allows for better management of pool of volunteers based on their skills and qualifications.

Programming-free Newsletter and Article Management
Using a user-friendly utility, prepare and send weekly or monthly newsletters to members.

Member e-mail Blast or Notification
Send e-mails to opt-in members to solicit donation, make announcement.

Board/ committee Activities and Meeting Tracker
Use project and task manager to record minutes of board or committee meetings. Record meeting duration, location and other details.

Online Letter Printing
Create, printed and mail professionally looking personalized letters from anywhere anytime. Design and print volunteer certificates.

Customizable Forms
Easily design online member registration, application, or reservation forms.

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