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Business Development


eBanyan offers business advisory and management consulting services. We partner with our clients to address significant challenges to improve their operations and identify value added opportunities for their businesses. Whether your goals are set or not, we can help you reach them. We study your ideas and guide you towards new opportunities and possibilities. We work with those who need help with wide areas of their operation or those who need guidance in specific areas. Our client’s staff is constantly challenged and motivated by our mentors and supported by their peers. Our success allows us to produce leaders with better skills within and outside our company. To sustain our growth, we constantly invite fresh talents to join our consulting and advisory team. We ask your staff to commit their time and talent and, in return, we recognize their contribution and help them become better professionals

Our Services

We offer market research, team building, executive hiring, online marketing, call center solutions and back office services. We evaluate need, offer solutions, execute, and share the knowledge

Our Clients

·  Small to mid-size companies

·  Start ups

·  Non-profits

Why eBanyan?

We have proven record of business leadership, capacity to serve globally through our partners, offer short or long term executive placement and staffing, and unique mentoring programs

New Approach

· Provide ideas that give you a sustained edge

· Our approach is tailored towards unique need of each business

· Find innovative solutions for your clients

· Help you view new and old ideas with fresh approach

· We assist you tap market gaps to gain competitive advantage


Work with companies facing strategic and operational challenges. We are not just your consultants; we are your intimate partners. We are collaborators in improving your organization by organizing team of mentors and mentee learning from each other. We work alongside you to identify better ways to manage your business

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